Risk analysis of building enclosures

An important attainment is the development and definition of a generalized technique for risk analysis of enclosure risk areas. It supports the assessment of more complex, non-linear, erratic events like human error or water intake by Sprinklers.

The procedure consists of five consequential steps starting with the exposure to moisture, followed by detail vulnerability description, moisture penetration processes and accumulation effects and closes with consequences. The risk analysis process utilizes the paradigm of a moisture provoked event at a certain step as a branch in a decision tree methodology.The procedure starts with the exposure to moisture from climate or indoor events, followed by the definition of the subject of exploration e.g. a cross section or detail of the enclosure. The third step grasps the moisture penetration event and is closely related to step four that describes the moisture accumulation in the subject. Finally, step five contributes the result of previous events and shows consequence e.g. the failure of the subject or its resistance.

Simplified risk assessment procedure of TallFacades.